Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Birthday On Board

My 9th birthday (on February 22, 2010) was the best one (except for my train birthday when I turned three(?)). We arrived in Tenacatita when we saw that there were a lot of kid boats. Later that evening we had some kids over for a movie. While we were waiting for the guests to come, we played with my little rubber band guns. When everybody got here (Meshach, Third Day and Qualchan), we watched the movie "Up" (we have it) while having cake. When the delicious cake and the movie were done, we opened presents (which I had no clue about). Third Day gave me an awesome fishing lewer, Qualchan (which I met that day) gave me a punch balloon and 100 pesos. Meshach gave me gummies, a lollipop and a sweet pirate bracelet. It's great to be 9!!


P.S. I led the morning cruisers' net a few days later for the Gold Coast with at least 50 boats checking in from Tenacatita, Melaque, Barra marina and Barra lagoon. I practiced a lot before and it went smoothly. It was scary at first but then it was fine. Afterwards, everyone gave me radio 'applause' (when they click their microphones).


  1. Harrison! Happy Happy Birthday!! (a bit late). And congratulations on leading the cruisers' net. Impressive (click click click click).
    Glad to see that you stretched your birthday celebrations across several days. That's the way to do it. We liked "UP" too.

    We are enjoying following the family's adventures. Hugs to all.

    Matthew, Sharon, Rebecca (and Haley)

  2. Huss, I'm so glad you were able to celebrate your birthday with a party and presents! I can imagine your excitement and disbelief...
    ALSO, leading the morning cruisers' net (whatever that means) also sounds that this was a great acievement - congratulations! You are very brave, and Zaida and I are very proud of you...hope that this will be a great year for you... lots of love ...x x x x