Monday, March 1, 2010

Kicking Back in Barra de Navidad

Well, after leaving Tenacatita, anchoring one night in Melaque (19.20 degrees N by 104.67 degrees W), we are now anchored in Barra de Navidad lagoon (which is just around the corner from Melaque). Finally got our laundry done after too many weeks and re-provisioned our food. Everything regarding the tsunami passed and, for us, it was really a non-event other than the drill of leaving Tenacatita. That said, you may enjoy reading the blog from our friends on Totem as well as watching this YouTube video from Ventura Harbor as the impact of the currents from the tsunami wave hit. Fortunately for everyone, the tsunami was a lot smaller then originally forecast.



1 comment:

  1. As reported in my last blog (comment) - "I knew you'd be safe and sound" - thank goodness! I'm sure glad you chose this route rather than staying put.
    Good work! You can be proud of your skilled mind and efforts!
    Love you all...