Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Releasing the Turtles

One day, when we were at Paradise Village Marina, we went to release one day old turtles into the ocean. Environmentalists go up and down the beach waiting for mothers with eggs to save them from extinction. Then they gather the eggs until they hatch. One or two of the turtles from every nest will grow to be 8 years old (that's when they start to lay eggs). Predators will eat the rest of them.

If you hold the turtles, you have to wash your hands in sand. When a volunteer says: "1, 2, 3", you put them down and watch them go into the ocean. I felt sad because I wanted to keep one turtle but I knew it wasn't the right thing to do.

Saving turtles is a great thing for the environment. What did you do today to help the environment?



  1. Hi Harrison. This sounds so interesting, thanks for sharing it with us. I think you are learning so much this year, what a wonderful experience. We miss you!!
    Auntie Deb

  2. I just got my new order of dryer balls so I don't have to use Bounce! Not as cool for the environment as saving turtles from predators, but we're trying to do our part.

    I was also thinking it would be fun to take on home as a pet and watch it grow.

    Keep having fun ...and keep blogging!
    Love you!

  3. Hi Huss,
    So happy you finally got to participate in the release of the baby turtles.
    Your writing gets better every time we hear from you. You did a marvelous job in communicating your feelings in your made me feel bad for you. I also learned so much about these turtles, and also how important it is to help save the environment.
    Keep on writing! Love you and miss you... x x x