Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Different Type of Zoo

Last week, we went to a zoo in Mismaloya called the Vallarta Zoo. When you enter, you get a bag of food with a list of what you can feed each animal. We fed camels, zebras, giraffes, monkeys, bears, and other animals out of our bare hands!

Even though that might sound very interesting, the highlight of this day trip was when we got to hold a baby panther! We had the choice of holding a tiger cub or a panther. The tiger was stronger, so we chose the panther. It had light blue eyes and little faint brown dots on it’s black fur. She had the softest fur I’ve ever felt and was the cutest cat I’ve ever seen. She didn’t bite but did lightly scratch.

I held her almost the entire time and wasn’t scared. Harrison held her but was kind of scared. She kept on trying to run away, but most of the time we just held her. She wasn’t scared-at least I don’t think she was- but she didn’t bite, so I guess she didn’t feel like she needed to protect herself. It was the best zoo I’d ever been to!

We will post pictures and video when we next have good internet connection.



  1. Hi Danielle This sounded like an interesting outing. These animals are so cute when they are babies--you would never think that when they mature they would be so dangerous. What else was at that Zoo or did you just stick with the tiger & panther cubs?
    Sorry the Internet connection has been so bad-- I feel so frustrated when I can't talk to you.
    Hope you are loving your new location - let's hear about it.
    Lots of snow today - looks very pretty.
    Love you & miss you all
    Hugs & kisses Bubie

  2. So nice to hear from you, Danielle!

    I could almost feel those soft furry animals from your very clear description. I also felt like I was at this zoo with you.

    Zaida and I are finally back in Toronto, after 6 weeks of being away from home. I still recall the great time we spent together on the boat...especially those stories at night...

    Love you lots...