Sunday, February 21, 2010

On Our Way Again

Well, after being in Banderas Bay since December 24th, we've finally raised anchor and are currently en route to Bahia Tenacatita (19 degrees, 16.17 minutes N by 104 degrees, 52.40 minutes W). We've had a lot of fun in Banderas Bay and also a lot of guests, including Harrison's friend Kenji and his family, the Bernsteins, the Arfin/Rebitzers, the Saal-Dalmas as well as my mother- and father-in-law and my mother. We even had Berly Willow and her partner Jerry join us for Friday night dinner this week. So, its been great to have so many share a part of what we are doing. Yesterday, as a farewell activity we went to the Puerto Vallarta Zoo where Danielle and Harrison got to play with a one-month old black panther. Very cool and I am sure they will blog about it in the next few days.
But now it is time to be on our way to what is called Mexico's Gold Coast and includes Tenacatita, Barra Navidad and Manzanillo. Tenacatita, our first stop, is about 100 miles south of Banderas Bay and apparently has a very cool jungle river dinghy trip which we will definitely do. It is now 11:50 pm, we have about 22 knots of wind, clear skies (no rain!) and a half full moon to light our way. We are doing about 7.5 knots and should make Tenacatita by mid-morning tomorrow, February 22nd, which is also Harrison's birthday. He will be nine! Unfortunately, this evening he was feeling a little seasick so, hopefully by morning he will be feeling a lot better and ready to enjoy his birthday. Barb busied herself during her last "watch" making carrot cake for Harrison, as that is one of his favorites, and, along with Danielle, decorated the boat with streamers. I am sure Harrison will wake up very excited.
Signing off from 19 degrees 55.0 minutes N by 105 degrees 42.96 minutes W.


  1. Good morning & HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRISON--IT'S GREAT TO BE "9"!!!!
    Glad to hear you're moving on to new sites & experiences. Hope the weather is improving. Today we are getting lots of snow & tomorrow lots of rain-go figure this crazy weather.
    Safe travel-lots of love to you all.
    Mom Bubie Fagel

  2. Happy birthday Harrison,from your birthday buddy
    Good sailing and new adventures
    Beryl and Jerry

  3. So how are barb's preparations coming along for peasach on the high seas?

  4. Happy birthday Huss (we've all been anticipating this day for over a week)- hope you have a great one - and enjoy all the treats!
    Glad you're back at sea once more with lots more excitement in store - what a great life! Allan and I have been tracing your new course on Google Earth and are looking forward to hearing about your new adventures. Can't wait to share these with you all. We feel like we're still on this trip with you.
    Lots of love to all...

  5. Hi. I've been wanting to respond since you started. Sydney and I follow each and every step of your adventure and are so amazed and impressed. Great job to all of you. I am looking forward to the book or movie -- I've been trying to figure out who will play you and your family in the movie? Any ideas?
    Happy Birthday Harrison and also Happy Anniversary Barb and Michael (a little belated). Enjoy your travels and we are thinking of you.