Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rugby Fever


It was hard not to get caught up in the Rugby Fever hitting New Zealand, which is hosting the World Cup this month. This past Sunday, Canada was playing New Zealand and we just had to participate with our host Canadian family, Nick, Michelle, Maia and Jonah.  I don’t even know how the game is played, and certainly had no clue that Canada even had a rugby team (made up of men with day jobs).  Nonetheless, we donned as much red as we could find and headed into downtown Auckland.

IMG_0706Auckland’s downtown has been set up for the crowds of people that don’t pay the hundreds of dollars it costs to see a World Cup game live.  Like us, these people descend upon the waterfront to watch the games on several strategically located giant screens.  The ‘Cloud’ was designed for indoor viewing, necessary given this cold and rainy and stormy weather we’ve been experiencing. 





Canada took the lead early in the game and maintained it for all of 5 minutes.  We lost by far too much to even record here (although if you looked it up you’d find the final score at 79-15).  But it was well worth the outlay of spirit and support.

-Barb in New Zealand


Shofar blowing at the game?

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