Monday, October 10, 2011


IMG_0763As we drove into the blokart distributer in New Zealand near Mount Maunganui, I was thinking, “This is going to be awesome.” We went inside and met a worker named Ash. He rented us a blokart. A blokart is a three wheeled go-kart that is wind powered so it has a sail in the front. Basically you turn a bar and the blokart turns. You pull in the rope and the blokart goes faster. Driving one is really quite simple.


It was my turn first. I hopped in, Ash gave me push and I was off.The world next to me was in a blur and the wind blew my hair back.IMG_0762 I felt like I was flying. As I bolted around the cones in a figure eight, I was excited to go around again.  I whizzed past Ash, my mom, dad and sister. After about five times going back and forth, I came over to where every one was standing and released the rope to stop myself. I stepped out.

IMG_0780It was my sister’s turn. Then my mom’s and finally my dad’s. Each time they got off they said it was totally awesome. After I had my second turn that was even cooler than the first, it was time to go. We said good-bye to Ash and left with wide smiles on our faces.


    - Harrison in New Zealand


  1. I could just imagine how thrilling the ride must have been! ... and what a great description of how to drive a blocart.
    Great writing Huss!

  2. Your blog is really amazing. And it seems that you had great fun while blokarting.