Monday, January 3, 2011

More Bumper Car Photos

One night last week we ventured into the local fairgrounds and took over the bumper cars with Aunty Sandi, Uncle Paul, and cousins Hailey, Marlee and Russell. One’s true colors seem to come out when put in an aggressive situation.  Photos courtesy of my sister-in-law Sandi Mandel.

IMG_9384 IMG_9381
IMG_9390 IMG_9391 IMG_9393
-Barb in Hautulco


  1. Love the pics! I actually have been sitting at my computer since 4:30 this am doing my mac book from the trip and I am happy to say that I have just completed it. So great to look back at the pics and have all the memories. How is George's car holding up? It got a special page all to itself in my album. Barb - I never have long enough time to sit talking with you either. So lucky to have you as my sister-in-law! Enjoy your next set of guest - I think you all might need some "family alone time" after all your visitors leave. hugs and kisses. xoxo

  2. not sure why it says "mm" but that was from me - (Auntie) Sandi

  3. I cannot get enough of your adventure. I follow it religiously and do not miss a moment. I actually feel as if I'm right there -- You are a terrific writer and so expressive. Your visitors must feel so fortunate to share part of your story. Happy New Year to you and Michael and Danielle and Harrison. Love -- Barbara (Sydney says "hi")

  4. What a blast you all seemed to have had!
    Great pics, also, Sandi!

  5. Sounds like you have had some great adventures and fun times spent with family and friends. I love the pics, hugs to the kids. Looking forward to seeing you as our paths cross again soon. Take care, great reading! Vicki