Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Super Serpentarium

On November 18th, 2010, I went to the Serpentarium in La Paz with IMG_9238my sister, my mom, and our friends on Imagine, Holly, Shea and Shelly, instead of home schooling. A serpentarium is a zoo with mostly reptiles like snakes, lizards, and turtles. We saw a few birds, like a parrot and two owls  and many snakes like rattle snakes and Boa Constrictors. A few examples of lizards are the Green Iguana, who was really green, and the Rhino Iguana, that really took his name because he had a little horn on his nose.
One of my favorite parts (I liked it all) IMG_9250was strolling around viewing all the variety of animals. I was most  exited when we were feeding the turtles by tossing some food that looked similar to dog food into their pond. When you do this action, all the turtles race over to grab the food before all the other turtles trample him which looks like the leaning tower but in green; and a whole lot smaller.IMG_9264
I also learned that some lizards eat raw eggs. I know this because we were at the lizard pen when the zoo keeper came and beat the raw eggs because the yoke was too big to go into the lizards’ teensy mouth. When this was finished, the lizards ate the eggs sooo slowly I wonder if they’re done now.
Browse the internet for a local reptile zoo that you can visit. Then you can understand how amazing my trip was.
-Harrison under way from La Paz, BCS, Mexico to Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

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  1. Harrison, you should think about becoming a veterinarian or a pet expert - you know so much and describle their habits, etc. so well. I loved reading your story! Good job!