Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Friend and I

This is a story that I wrote as part of my home schooling project and is about a friend of mine that I met while sailing.

My friend Noah is seven years old on the sailing vessel "Gypsy Wind".  He has long blonde hair, just like mine.  We spend time together on one of our boats having ADVENTURES building lego or swimming.  He is great at reading lips because he is partially deaf and wears hearing aids.  He is also great at swimming and diving.  Our fishing net fell into the water, he dove for it and got it.  You would be very lucky to have a special and caring friend like Noah.

His family is returning home to British Columbia in a couple of weeks.  I 'll be very sad when he leaves but I will keep in touch with him.


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  1. Huss, I keep hearing about all the new friends you've met since you left home, both on boats and in the different Mexican communities that you've stayed at. Why not tell us about some of them (Mexicans), what you do, how you play and communicate with them. That would really be interesting.
    I am sure you will be in touch with Noah as well as make other friends. Your life has been so enriched with all the different people you have met, and will meet.
    I loved talking with you the other day. You sounded so content.
    Miss you all...