Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why so silent?

You may wonder why, at times, we blog daily and then at other times you don't hear from us for what seems like weeks.  The answer is simple. Internet. Technology.  Frustration.  Aaargh. I promise never to complain about internet in Mexico ever again.  We never knew how good we had it.

Don't get me wrong.  A large goal for this trip was to get unplugged.  But I'm not sure we really wanted to be that disconnected.  Internet in the South Pacific has been challenging to put it mildly, even with a booster.  Uploading photos for us is a chore because it's been so slow - and that's when we've had it. Or our computer batteries die and it's not time to charge our machines.  And let's face it, Michael's 'jobs' aboard Whatcha Gonna Do have him taking over the internet whenever I might have a moment to get online.  When I don't have internet, I don't have email addresses either.

And then my computer died.  The good news is that my computer died just in time to have my mother and stepdad bring me a new one, and they all arrived two days ago.  We are now loading up the computer with all the software and files we need.  In the meantime, Michael started having problems with his computer.  That means no computer available for use at all.  Imagine that.  I had a blog ready to go on his computer setting out the highlights of Tonga but now it's gone, so you'll have to bear with me as I catch up.

I am now sitting in an internet cafe in Savusavu Fiji, paying for internet at a strange terminal in which the Shift key gets stuck.  But I'm connecting and feeling great about it.  I am silent no more.


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