Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Tuamotus Paradise

The Tuamotus in the South Pacific is full of beautiful atolls with small villages and very kind people. The playful kids run up and down the pier in Makemo atoll and jump right into the crystal clear water.From Piko - Tuamotus 2011 (1 of 7) They are also quite interactive with foreigners. The kids ask for tours of the boats and asked us for bananas. The adults are nice and funny too. Each time you walk by them, they wave and say, “Bonjour!” or, “Hello!” pleasantly.

The snorkeling all around here is absolutely beautiful, too. You are almost guaranteed to see at least ten gorgeous fish with wonderful shades of yellow, green, blue and red.for WGD We have seen grey reef, black tip, white tip and blue sharks, but don’t be scared. All you have to do to keep safe is stay in a group. Just remember this: You are more likely to get hurt by your own toilet than by a shark.

The Tuamotus is a wonderful place where you can have fun in paradise. I really recommend the Tuamotus so much I would go there when ever possible!

-Harrison (now in Tahiti and just completely some end of year writing assignments)

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  1. Harrison, I envy all the beauty and fun you are experiencing - after having read your great post. It was really nice hearing from you - it's been a long time. You must be thrilled that school is almost over (even though the break never seems long enough). To me it seems that you've been on an extended summer holiday since the fall of 2009, even with the schooling on board.