Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nuka Hiva’s Flowers

DSCF1563Nuka Hiva is a wonderful island in the Pacific ocean with beautiful flowers and vegetation. DSCF1599Flowers here are peaceful and full of vivid colors of all shape and sizes. Today, when we hiked to the next bay over called Collette Bay, we passed many flowers, most of which I took pictures of.DSCF1574 As bugs flew quickly by us, we admired the pictures and nature.

When my dad saw the pictures and flowers he said, "Those are very neat flowers." They were! We were quite sad to leave although we were all tired. The flowers here are unforgettable!

-Harrison in Taiahoe Bay, Marquises


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  1. These photographs are beautiful, Harrison - especially the last one with the water (rain or dew) drops rolling down. Have you had a chance to learn the names of these different flowers? That would be a great botony project.
    Love hearing from you ... x x x