Sunday, December 5, 2010

We've Departed Mazatlan

We departed Mazatlan today at 10 am enroute to Zihutenajo, about 400 miles south. At 5 - 8 knots, you can do the math. We will likely be cruising for about three days. We might stop in Manazanillo depending on how everyone is doing and weather conditions.

We left Mazatlan having had a great time there and getting a lot of boat projects completed. We spent nearly two weeks hanging out with our friends from Gypsy Wind including our kids having multiple sleep overs on their boat and ours. We spent many late afternoons at the Marina El Cid enjoying the pool and also went down to the Plaza Machado in the old town several times. I even did a street side karaoke of Sweet Caroline in honor of Kim's (of Gypsy Wind) birthday that gathered crowds and cheers!

We completed a major 1000 hour service on our engines changing out transmission and engine oil and coolant, replacing all belts and impellers (used for water cooling the engines), cleaning out the heat exchangers and servicing the turbos. Like everything in cruising, it took longer to finish, between waiting for parts and all, than we originally expected (nearly two weeks vs one week). Total Yacht Works did a great job. We also went up the mast to check all equipment, re securing various chafe protection gear and clean all the standing rigging. I had great help from Danielle and Harrison as they were up there doing lots of the cleaning.

Finally, I also completed that one year consulting project so all in all a pretty productive stop in Mazatlan.

Michael (somewhere along the Mexican coast)
(22 degrees, 32.205 minutes N by 106 degrees 15.268 minutes W)

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  1. You sound very relaxed and enjoying your life, and also very relieved and satisfied having completed your project. Enjoy your next adventure and keep us posted.
    Love to all...