Thursday, September 16, 2010

Year Two to Begin!!!

We've leased out our home for another year!  And that means we get to continue cruising!.  As you probably know last year we got as far south as Manzanillo Mexico before turning around and heading north back to La Paz and the Sea of Cortez to wait out hurricane season.  This year we hope to get further south and into Central America!  We are all very excited and hopefully will have more wind!

We are now hanging out in California until September 21 and then fly back to Cabo, load up at Costco and head back to La Paz.

Atherton, CA


  1. Happy New Year! The adventures will continue. I love following you as you travel. Enjoy!

  2. Hurray! Mission accomplished! What a great time to start your new adventures! You sound very excited, as you should be. May the New Year bring you all much happiness, good health, lots of love, fun adventures and peace.
    Meanwhile enjoy your last-minute preparations - and get ready for your first set of guests towards the end of September... Can you believe it?
    May you have an easy and meaningful fast, "gmar hatimah tovah"...with lots of love and kisses...