Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Danielle, my dad and our guests took surfing lessons at Punta Mita over winter break on the biggest surf day of the year.  I stood up on my first try.  Because I'm shorter and my center of gravity is lower, it is easier for me than for bigger people.  It is similar to wakeboarding because you stand up on a board. In wakeboarding, though, you get pulled by a rope and in surfing you get pushed by a wave. It was scary going up the wave and exciting going down. Danielle got a wave that took her all the way in to shore. I hope that my friends that don't know how to surf, learn.



  1. Wow! That sounds very cool! Hope someone got some good pictures. It is so nice to hear from you guys again. I certainly miss your blog posts. I've never known a real "surfer dude"!
    Have fun...and post pictures!
    Love you...

  2. Huss, I still remember how quickly you got up on skis at Irwin Inn, so I can understand how quickly you would have gotten up to surf - I can almost picture you riding the waves. (Zaidah and) I can't wait to be there with you and share in your experiences, although I hope you don't expect me to surf with you!!!
    See you you lots...x x x

  3. You should have been in that movie Surf's Up.
    We are all in the office reading your blog right now and Russell wants to tell you that he thinks you are really brave for trying that.
    I am sure it was a great feeling.
    Now you need your mom to buy you real surf shorts!
    I hope someone got a pic cause i would love to see that one day.

  4. Hi Huss Shabbat Shalom Just waiting for your cousins to arrive. I so enjoyed reading about your surfing. I can't imagine how incredible it was for you-I wish I could have been watching-What a thrill!! Your writing so interesting & descriptive-I can really picture everything you are telling us about. are you still catching fish?
    I was just looking at the pictures-- who are the other kids with you? The scenery looks so beautiful-I love watching sunsets!
    How is everyone feeling now?-heard some of you were not too well.
    So I can't wait to see you SOON. What would you like me to bring? I won't bring much for me so I will have room for whatever everyone wants or needs.
    Love you loads. Hugs and Kisses Bubie